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SPEC WAR OPS: A Pictorial History of the Australian Special Air Service Regt
Editorial comment by Managing Editor John Hunter Farrell
An SOTG XVIII operator with a massive haul of heads seized during a counter narcotics operation in southern Afghanistan.
HMAS Anzac's Ships Boarding Party conduct a flag verification on a fishing dhow in the Gulf of Aden
Clearance Diving Team 3 operators conduct a room to room clearance of Umm Qasr port in Iraq March 2003.
A 3 Squadron F/A-18HUG flies over Guam during Ex Cope North 2013.
5th Brigade Diggers board a RAAF C-130J at Dili's Comoro Airport signalling the end of ADF operations in Timor Leste.


Mechanised Diggers from the 7RAR Task Group (7RARTG) and AustSF from the Special Operations Task Group operations and RAAF Airfield Defence Guards in Uruzgan and surrounding provinces in southern Afghanistan.........


HMAS Toowoomba and HMAS Anzac operations with Combined Maritime Forces in the Middle East Area of Operations including Gulf of Aden, Somali Basin and Arabian Gulft.....


A&NZD honours the 10th anniversary of Operation Falconer, the March 2003 Iraq invasion, with a 14 page pictorial covering the land war including the SAS Special Forces Task Group (SFTG), 3 Sqn RAAF Hornets and Clearance Diving Team 3 (CDT3).......


The RAAF deployed F/A-18HUG Hornets, E-7A Wedgetail AEW&C aircraft, KC-30A Multi Role Tanker Transports and a C-130J Hercules airlifter to Andersen AFB in Guam for Ex Cope North 2013 with the US Air Force and Japanese Air Self Defence Force.......


The Australian and New Zealand military withdrawal from Timor Leste and the end of Op Astute featuring Timor Leste Task Group 5.......

Additional F/A-18F Rhino fighters for RAAF, Op Queensland Assist II in Bundaberg, Supacat Special Operations Vehicle - Direct Action prototype delivered, SMArt 155 Sensor-Fuzed Munition for Artillery round, work commenced on Air Warfare Destroyer 2 (Brisbane) in SA, RAN makes preparation for the MH-60R Romeo helicopter, Landing Craft Heavy decommissioned, Hawkei PMV-L, KC-30A Tanker fleet complete..

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