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 Australian & NZ Defender Magazine No 96 December 2016

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 Australian & NZ Defender Magazine No 96 December 2016

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AUSTRALIA: Horror Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter report; Cost Sharing Agreement for US Marine Rotational Force - Darwin and upgrades to RAAF and RAN bases for US aircraft and ship rotations; Air Warfare Destroyer Hobart Sea Trials.

ARABIAN SEAS: HMAS Perth completes a six month deployment with Combined Maritime Forces in the Middle East and African regions conducting counter terrorism and counter narcotics operations.

IRAQ & SYRIA: The combined Australian & New Zealand military operations to destroy Islamic State steps up a gear as the assault on Mosul begins. Coverage of the RAAF Air Task Group bombing missions in Iraq and Syria and Task Group Taji Build Partner Capacity effort to train and equip the Iraqi Army.

AFGHANISTAN: The Australian contingent in Afghanistan within NATO's Build Partner Capacity  mission will extend its involvement with the Afghan National Army Officer Academy.

SOLOMON ISLANDS: The Royal Australian Navy led Operation Render Safe 2016 saw the RAN and RNZN cooperate with UK and Canadian EOD Teams and the Royal Solomon Islands Police to clear up Explosive Remnants of War in the Solomons.

NEWS: Next Generation Digger Night Fighting Systems; First P-8A Poseidon Multimission Aircraft delivered to Australia; Australia signs submarine design and systems contracts with DCNS & Lockheed Martin; NZSAS acquires Supacat Special Operations Vehicles, EF-88 Enhanced Austeyr MWS Enters Service; Mk 47 L40-2 Lightweight Automatic Grenade Launching System Enters Service; RAN Unmanned Aerial Systems, RAAF F-35A Fleet timeline threatened by costs and Trump election.

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