A&NZD Digital Issue No.55
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Australian & NZ Defender No 55 September 2006

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Australian & NZ Defender No 55 September 2006

INSIDE - Timor: Operation Astute intervention in Timor Leste after an F-FDTL mutiny turned into open combat between security forces.

ADF Battle Group Faithful 3RAR, B Squadron 3/4 Cavalry Regt, 1RAR, 2RAR, 5 Aviation Regt, 2/1RNZIR and Special Operations elements from the Special Air Service Regiment and 4RAR Commando and Australian Federal Police Operational Response Team.

Afghanistan: 1CER 7RAR 2 Cav Regt Reconstruction Task Force 1, Tarin Kowt Uruzgan commence reconstruction ops in support of the Netherlands' Task Force Uruzgan.

Iraq: 2RAR, 2/14 LHR Overwatch Battle Group West 1, Tallil Dhi Qar Province, Al Muthanna Task Group 3 As Samawah Al Muthanna, 3RAR SECDET IX Baghdad, HMAS Ballarat TF-158 Khawr Abd Allah.

NEWS: ADF orders an additional 34 MRH-90 Tactical Transport Helicopters, Bushmaster variants commence production, Ex Pitch Black 2006, F-35A project, RF-111C belly landing.

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