A&NZD Digital Issue No.65
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Australian & NZ Defender No 65 March 2009

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Australian & NZ Defender No 65 March 2009

INSIDE - Afghanistan: SAS, 4RAR Commando, IRR combat engineers Special Operations Task Group operations.

7RAR, 2Cav, 1CER Mentoring & Reconstruction Task Force 1 Chora Valley, 2nd Kandak, 4th Brigade Afghan National Army, NL Task Force Uruzgan and NL KCT Task Force 55.

Iraq: 2 Cav, 5RAR, 2 Airfield Defence Squadron SECDET XIV Baghdad, HMAS Parramatta Arabian Gulf with TF-152.

Timor: 5RAR Timor Leste Battle Group 5, Timor Leste Aviation Group.

Malaysia: Rifle Company Butterworth.

NEWS: Nary Special Operations Vehicle Special Reconnaissance, upgraded Adelaide-class FFGs, M-113AS4 fleet expanded, RAAF Super Hornets under assembly, 5th MRH-90 helicopter accepted, VBS2 simulation software, RNZN warship delays, Wedgetail radar problems, Disruptive Pattern Naval Uniform, Indonesia acquires more Sukhois.

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