Wolfsberg: Anzacs & Americans PRINT Edition Australia

Wolfsberg: Anzacs & Americans

A Great War Novel

by John Hunter Farrell

Limited Edition print run signed by the author John Hunter Farrell

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A Great War Novel

Limited Edition run signed by the author John Hunter Farrell

Join the Anzacs of the Australian Imperial Forces 11th Brigade as they fight their way towards victory at Le Hamel, worried by two new partners - the US Army Doughboys of Company E, 131st Infantry Regiment and the British Army's elite 5th Tank Brigade and their new Mark Vs.

Doubts turn to elation as the Anzacs, Yanks and the Tanks win the most spectacular victory in the Great War, rewriting the tactical book  that allowed the Allies to crush Imperial Germany's expansionist aims. 

The Americans, disobeying their commanding general staying to fight beside the Anzacs, Hopping Over as mutineers but 93 minutes later they were celebrated heroes in the Great War's defining battle.


400 pages (approx)

Publisher: Fullbore Magazines Pty Ltd

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