Australian & NZ Defender Magazine No 104 December 2018

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PAPUA NEW GUINEA: The Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces deployed in strength to support the Royal PNG Constabulary led security operations in support of the APEC Leaders Summit in November.

IRAQ: Task Group Taji VII and Task Group Taji VIII continue the Anzac Build Partner Capacity mission and the Special Operations Task Group - Iraq (Task Group 632) follow through in Iraq after the defeat of Islamic State.

AUSTRALIA: We take a look at some of the ADF's options for its next generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle under Project Land 400 Phase 3.

We profile the already known potential suppliers for the Light Special Operations Helicopter requirement to be acquired under Project Land 2097 Phase 4.

We take a look at the RAAF's expanding fleet of F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters on the eve of the types permanent deployment to RAAF Williamtown.

We take a look at the ADF's new XTEK Tac2 8.58 x 70mm (.338 Lapua Magnum) sniper rifles.

ADF & NZDF NEWS: Hobart class Air Warfare Destroyer progress - HMAS Brisbane commissioned and HMAS Hobart conducts systems integration validation in Californian waters. RAAF MQ-9 Reaper Armed MALE UAS acquisition confirmed, Army acquires M4 84mm MRWS, Plan Keogh combat brigade reorg complete. P-8A Poseidons assume Anti Submarine Warfare mission, New RNZN Diving & Hydrographic Support ship. The 81mm M-252A1 Mortar enters Australian service, HX42M & HX81 trucks enter service. KC-33A MRTT tanker completes certification to refuel USAF F-22A Raptors.