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Australian & NZ Defender Magazine No 106 Digital June 2019.

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PHILIPPINES: Australian Special Operations Forces train with US Navy SEALs and Armed Forces of the Philippines NAVSOG and SOCOM Rangers. Pic Heavy.

ARABIAN SEA: HMAS Ballarat has continued her successful Counter Narcotics Operations with Combined Maritime Forces interdicting over $1 billion worth of terrorism financing drugs.

IRAQ & SYRIA: The Australian and New Zealand Build Partner Capacity and Special Operations Train Advise and Assist missions are culminating as Iraqi training structures take over the force generation cycle.

AUSTRALIA: Australian Army armoured elements are undergoing a generational upgrade. We profile the contenders for the next generation of Assault Breachers, Assault Bridges, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Protected Amphibious Vehicles and Fire Support Vehicles under consideration.

INDIAN & PACIFIC OCEANS: We report on the ADF's major regional engagement activity conducted during Op India Pacific Endeavour which visited Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

ADF & NZDF NEWS: MC-55A Special Electronic Missions Aircraft, RAAF Towed Missile Decoy Countermeasures,  Loyal Wingman slaved UCAVs, RAAF F-35As, NASAMS Ground Based Air Defence missile system, MRH-90 upgunned with M134D Minigun, EF-88C Enhanced Austeyr carbine, AN/PEQ-16B MIMPIM, Supacat Special Operations Vehicle - Commando, RAAF MQ-4C Triton BAMS UAS, RNZN's Nuship Aotearoa AOR, 1st Aussie Boxer CRV, SMArt 155 Precision Guided Munition

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