A&NZD 44 Print Issue

Australian & NZ Defender 44 December 2003

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Australian & NZ Defender 44 December 2003

Inside - Counter Terrorism: Tactical Assault Group - East TAG-E 4RAR Commando and Clearance Diving Team 1 CDT1 demonstration Sydney.

Iraq: 2RAR SECDET II Baghdad and Kirkush high threat security team.

RAAF Airfield Management Group at Baghdad International Airport BIAP.

HMAS Sydney TF-158 North Arabian Gulf.

Solomon Islands: 2RAR Peace Keeping Force, Pacific Islands Company Guadalcanal.

Timor: 1RAR AUSBATT VIII and 6RAR AUSBATT IX operations.

Australia: Exercise Crocodile 2003 Shoalwater Bay, Ex Pacific Protector Coral Sea.

News - $50 Billion Defence expansion, Armidale patrol boat contract awarded, Leopard AS-1 tank replacement program, Anzac-class frigates, Hornet Upgrade project, RAN SH-2G Seasprite trials, Wedgetail AEW&C production, Indonesian Sukhois delivered.