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Australian & NZ Defender magazine is a full colour, quarterly magazine in printed and digital format dedicated to recording and preserving the military operations and activities of the Australian Defence Force.

Established in 1993, by founding editor John Hunter Farrell, Australian & NZ Defender magazine has travelled to every ADF operational area to gather the photographs and editorial required to deliver the latest news from the front.

We are firm believers that if you talk the talk, you must walk the walk and all A&NZD contributors have experienced operations down range in the wide variety of combat and peace keeping ops.

Australian & NZ Defender is fully independent and does not seek nor will it accept funding from the Dept of Defence, political groups or major manufacturers of military hardware.

When the current operational tempo permits we also explore our rich war fighting heritage with excellent photo histories and pictorially heavy features by those earlier Anzac's who made the legends after WW2.

Australian & NZ Defender is heavily pictorial with more than 200 new images in each issue. Our first commandment to all our contributors is get outside the Hesco barriers and photograph the Diggers as they work. Just the truth as it happens...

JTF635 Diggers check vehicles in Honiara, Solomon Islands during RAMSI Ops in July 2010.
An MTF3 2RAR NCO patrols near PB Wali in the Mirabad Valley in Jan 2012
6RAR Diggers and 2/14LHR ASLAVs conduct a Vehicle Check Point in Dhi Qar Iraq in May 2008.
A 2 Sqn RAAF E-7A Wedgetail AEW&C deploys countermeasures munitions
7RAR mechanised Diggers assault a quala during a heavy contact at Sorkh Lez in the Mirabad Valley Afghanistan in May 2009.
HMAS Waller conducts a pick up at sea.
Armadale class patrol boat HMAS Glenelg patrols past oil rigs in the Timor Sea.