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 Australian & NZ Defender magazine 100 December 2017

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Australian & NZ Defender magazine 100 December 2017


NEW ZEALAND: Ex Southern Katipo 2017, the New Zealand Defence Force's biannual training exercise was conducted in the north of the South Island in October /November with over 2500 New Zealand Defence Force Personnel training with an Australian contingent that included 1RAR, HMAS Choules and RAAF C-17A, C-130J and C-27J Spartan airlifters and personnel from the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Chile, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Brunei and Malaysia.

IRAQ & SYRIA: Operation Okra operations including Task Group Taji, Australian Air Task Group and Special Operations Training Team - Iraq activities in the fight to destroy Islamic State are culminating with the barbaric islamists collapsing on all battle fronts.

AFGHANISTAN: The Australian Task Group Afghanistan operations with the NATO led Resolute Support Mission continue with Australia provide military advisors, Advisory Teams and training support at the Afghan National Army Officer Academy.

MIDDLE EAST REGION SEAS: HMAS Newcastle's final tour with Combined Maritime Forces conducting Maritime Security Operations in the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Somali Basin to deny the areas seaways to terrorist groups.

INDONESIAN EXCHANGE PROGRAM: 5RAR Diggers trained in Indonesia with the TNI-AD's 201st Mechanised Infantry Battalion under Exercise Wirra Burra before Indonesian personnel deployed to train with the NT based 1st Brigade under Exercise Kartikaburra.

AUSTRALIA: The 8/9RAR led Battle Group Ram conducted high intensity warfighting training at SWBTA in October under Exercise Diamond Run as part of the 7th Brigade move towards being the Army's Ready Brigade in 2018.


New Zealand Sniper Rifles; RAN Hobart class Air Warfare Destroyers;Third RAAF F-35A, 2RAR Amphibious independent and operational, MQ-9B Sky Guardian for RAAF; Ballistic Missile Defence for Future Frigates; GBU-53/B for RAAF, Combat Exoskeleton Trials, C-27J Spartans; 6th KC-30MRTT Tanker, Landing Craft Cannot Deploy Abrams; Canadians seek RAAF Hornets; P-8A Poseidon fleet expands to five.