A&NZD 42 Print Issue

Australian & NZ Defender 42 June 2003

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Australian & NZ Defender 42 June 2003

Inside - Iraq invasion mega edition direct from the battle front.

Operation Falconer: 1 Squadron SASR 4RAR Commando, Incident Response Regiment Special Forces Task Group SFTG western desert Al Anbar special operations.

Clearance Diving Team 3 Umm Qasr, Al Faw, Khawr Az Zubayr EOD clearance.

HMAS Kanimbla, HMAS Anzac and HMAS Darwin Khawr Abd Allah clearance and Al Faw invasion.

RAAF 75 Squadron F/A-18 Hornets air interdiction and Close Air Support missions, 36 Squadron C-130H and AP-3C Orion operations.

Shock and Awe air campaign, US Army, US Marine Corps and British Army assault on Baghdad.

News - Operation Cataylst Order of Battle, AUSBATT VII Fiji Coy contact at Atsabe Timor, SAS Ship Underway Recovery SUR of North Korean vessel Pong Su, Special Operations Command SOCOMD, Kalkara target drone, Leopard AS-1 tank upgrade.