A&NZD 45 Print Issue

Australian & NZ Defender 45 March 2004

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Australian & NZ Defender 45 March 2004

Inside - Iraq: 1 Squadron SASR awarded Unit Citation for Gallantry for Operation Falconer March - May 2003.

2RAR SECDET II Baghdad Red Zone.

1CER Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team EOD.

HMAS Melbourne Vessel Boarding Search and Seizure VBSS operations in TF-158 North Arabian Gulf.

RAAF Airfield Management Group, 2 Airfield Defence Squadron Baghdad International Airport BIAP.

Basrah seizure British Army 7th Armoured Brigade's assault on Basrah pictorial.

HIMI EEZ: HMAS Warramunga seizes foreign fishing vessels in the Heard Island McDonald Island Exclusive Economic Zone.


News - Op Falconer Meritorious Unit Citations, Black Hawk crash, Tiger ARH production, New equipment projects, Trooplift helicopter shortlist, Special Forces Direct Recruiting Scheme, Javelin missile, Humanitarian operations in Iran and Niue, Upgraded FFG underway, NZ Army LAVIII trials.