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Australian & NZ Defender No 51 September 2005

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Australian & NZ Defender No 51 September 2005

Inside - Iraq: 5/7RAR, 2 Cav Regt, Al Muthanna Task Group 1 As Samawah, Euphrates River security operations.

Australian Army Training Team Iraq 4 AATTI4 Al Khadir.

HMAS Newcastle Maritime Security Operations at Iraq's Offshore Oil Terminals ABOT and KAAOT.


Australia: Ex Talsiman Sabre Shoalwater Bay, Ex Kakadu VII Arafura Sea.

News - SAS returns to Afghanistan as Special Operation Task Group, Armidale patrol boats enter service, RAAF F-111 launces AGM-142E, Air Warfare Destroyer design, tenders call for RAN Landing Helicopter Dock, Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter, Anzac returns from Trafalgar 200 Review, Aussie tanks crews train on M1A1 in California.