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Australian & NZ Defender No 55 March 2006

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Australian & NZ Defender No 55 March 2006

Inside - Iraq: Al Muthanna Task Group 2 AMTG2 security ops in support of Japanese in As Samawah and Al Salma.

Australian Army Training Team Iraq 5 AATTI5, Kirkush and As Salman and 1RAR 2/14LHR SECDET VIII Baghdad.

HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Newcastle TF-158 North Arabian Gulf MSO.

Solomons: RAMSI Op Anode rotation 6, 9RQR, 42RQR, 31RQR 25/49RQR, Honiara.

Afghanistan: SASR and 4RAR Commandos Special Operations Task Group, SOTG I, SOTG II, Uruzgan Province Afghanistan and Kiwi Provincial Reconstruction Team.

Pakistan: Op Pakistan Assist ADF earthquake response.

News - Defence Capability Plan 2005, RAAF seeks C-17A Globemaster airlifter, First upgraded Adelaide class frigate returns to sea, Air Warfare Destroyer Combat System, ADF helicopter self protection suites, Wedgetail AEW&C Australian assembly commences, Seasprite helicopters, RAAF in Red Flag Ex in USA.