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Australian & NZ Defender No 54 June 2006

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Australian & NZ Defender No 54 June 2006

Inside - Solomon Islands: Political manoeuvres led to mass rioting and arson which left Honiara in flames.

The ADF conducted a surge with troops from the 1RAR Ready Company Group, 3RAR and UH-1H helicopters from A Squadron 5 Aviation Regt, 2/1 RNZIR, RNZAF 3 Squadron.

Iraq: Al Muthanna Task Group 3 AMTG3 As Samawah.

SECDET VIII and IX Baghdad andAustralian Army Training Team Iraq Al Salman Al Muthanna.

HMAS Ballarat TF-158 North Arabian Gulf.

Afghanistan: Rotary Wing Group CH-47 Chinooks Kandahar.

USA: Ex Red Flag 06-1 RAAF F/A-18A and F-111s at Nellis Air Force Base Nevada.

Australia: Ex Pacific Protector Darwin Proliferation Security Initiative.

News - M1A1 Abrams shipped to Australia, RAAF orders C-17As,Operation Larry Assist cyclone response, 1st ADF Iraq fatality, Commonwealth Games security, RAN LPA respond to Timor mutiny, VBS simulation training, RNZN Project Protector.