A&NZD 57 Print Issue

Australian & NZ Defender No 57 March 2007

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Australian & NZ Defender No 57 March 2007

Inside - Counter Terrorism: Tactical Assault Group - East (TAG-E) 4RAR Commando.

Iraq: Overwatch Battle Group - West (2) Dhi Qar, SECDET IX Baghdad and HMAS Warramunga TF-158 Khawr Abd Allah.

Afghanistan: 7RAR Reconstruction Task Force 1 Tarin Kowt.

Special Operations Task Group SOTG SAS and 4RAR Commandos.

Timor: 6RAR Battle Group Anzac.

Australia: 1 Armoured Regt M1A1 Abrams.

News - 5RAR and 7RAR Delinked, ADF & NZDF Tonga intervention Nov 2006, Army Reserve takes over Solomon Islands deployments, F/A-18F Rhino/Super Hornet, M-113AS4 production begins, Adelaide-class FFG7 upgrade, Customs ACV Triton, I-View 250A,C-17A enters service, Bushmaster IMV.