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Australian & NZ Defender No 60 December 2007

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Australian & NZ Defender No 60 December 2007

Inside - Iraq: 5RAR, 2 Cavarly Regt Overwatch Battle Group West 3 and 2/14 Light Horse Regt, 6RAR Overwatch Battle Group West 4 Dhi Qar and Al Muthanna.

HMAS Arunta and HMAS Anzac TF-158 North Arabian Gulf.

6RAR SECDET XII, 1RAR SECDET XI Baghdad and Australian Army Training Team Iraq 8 Taji & Tallil.

SPECIAL 6RAR SECDET VI suicide bombing Baghdad Embassy Jan 2005.

Afghanistan: 3CER Reconstruction Task Force 3 RTF3 Baluchi Pass, Chora.

SAS and 4RAR Special Operations Task Group, SOTG V and VI Task Force 66.

Dutch KKT Task Force Viper/Task Force 55.

India: Ex Malabar 2007-2.

Timor: 2RAR Battle Group Samichon Dili Same, Petitioner rebellion Reinado.

News - M-113AS4 APCs delivered, FFG7 Upgrade sea trials, RAAF orders AIM-9X and AGM-154 Block II JSOW, Project Overlander vehicles, M982 Excalibur and SMArt155 artillery rounds, RNZN Inshore Patrol Vessels, VBS2 simulation training, Final Armidale patrol boat delivered, extra 250 Bushmaster PMVs.