A&NZD 67 Print Issue

Australian & NZ Defender No 67 September 2009

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Australian & NZ Defender No 67 September 2009

Inside - Afghanistan: 1RAR, 3CER Mentoring & Reconstruction Task Force 2 MRTF2 Chora and Mirabad.

3 Kandak 4th Brigade, SOTG Task Force 66, Rotary Wing Group, Task Force Uruzgan Battle Group 10, Korps Commando Troepen and NZ Provincial Reconstruction Team Bamyan.

Timor: 2RAR Timor Leste Battle Group 6, International Stabilisation Force, UNMIT UNPOL.

Iraq: SECDET XV Baghdad, C-130J Hercules.

Somalia: HMAS Warramunga hunts somali pirates with TF-151.

Australia: Sniper Team Leader Course. Ex Talisman Saber 2009.

News - Nary Special Operations Vehicles in WA, RAAF F/A-18F first flight, victim recovery ops in Tonga and PNG, M-777A2 155mm guns, LR5 Submarine Rescue System, Ex Northern Trident 09, Singapore at Shoalwater Bay, first RNZAF NH-90 helo flight, RAAF Forward Air Control.