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Australian & NZ Defender No 77 March 2012

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Australian & NZ Defender No 77 March 2012

Inside - Afghanistan: NZDF operations including New Zealand Special Air Service NZSAS mentoring and special operations in Kabul.

NZ Provincial Reconstruction Team Bamyan, Combined Team Uruzgan 2RAR Mentoring Task Force 3 MTF3 and 8/9RAR Mentoring Team 4 MTF4 combat operations in Uruzgan and Kandahar including Sorkh Bed, CASA Tinsley Shahid e Hassas, Charmestan, Kush Khadir and Kamisan Valley.

Special Operations Task Group 2 Commando Regt, SASR and Special Operations Engineer Regt counter insurgency in Uruzgan, Kandahar, Helmand, Daykundi and Zabol Provinces.

Solomon Islands: RAMSI Peace Keeping Force Operation Anode.

Somalia Gulf of Aden: HMAS Parramatta and CDT naval special operations counter narcotics and counter piracy.

Timor: Timor Leste Task Group 3 and Timor Leste Task Group 4.

News - Two additional CH-47D Chinooks, Anzac Anti Ship Missile Defence upgrade, Final Tiger ARH helicopter accepted, RAAF FMS request for C-27J Spartan, RNZAF NH-90s arrive in NZ, new counter ied vehicles, P-8A Poseidon, MAN heavy trucks for Land 121, Fourth KC-30A MRTT accepted, RAAF orders sixth C-17A.