A&NZD 84 Print Issue

Australian & NZ Defender No 84 December 2013

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Australian & NZ Defender No 84 December 2013

Inside: SPEC OPS: Eight page colour pictorial of SAS operators conducting Ship Underway Recovery drills during a top secret SPEC WAR EX off Western Australia during Ex Iron Moon 13. Outstanding SOCOMD imagery.

Afghanistan: Combined Team Uruzgan late operations including 2 Cavalry Regt Task Group, Special Operations Task Group and RAAF SECFOR 2 operations in Uruzgan and Daykundi.

Includes excellent SOTG Combat Assault Dog images.

MEAO Seas: RAN Counter Piracy and Counter Narcotics operations in the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Red Sea including HMAS Newcastle and HMAS Melbourne. Brilliant pirate capture images.

USA: Aussie 1st Armoured Regt Abrams tank crews train on Marine Corps M1A1 tanks at the US Marines Air Ground Combat Centre at 29 Palms California during the reciprocal Ex Gold Eagle 13.

PNG: 2 Commando Regiment operators conduct intensive parachute training with the PNGDF's 2nd Battalion Royal Pacific Islands Regiment at Wewak in Papua New Guinea.

News: RAN Landing Helicopter Dock Canberra commences Sea Trials, First RAAF F-35A Lightning II under final assembly, MU-90 Lightweight Torpedo finally reaches Operational Release, US Marine Rotation Darwin expansion in 2014, SPS Cantabria completes Australian mission, EA-18G Growler aircrew training commences in USA, RAAF acquires AGM-88E AARGM Missile, ADF Wideband Global Satellite, Army orders M1156 Precision Guidance Kits for 155mm artillery ammunition.

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