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Australian & NZ Defender No 91 September 2015

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Australian & NZ Defender No 91 September 2015

INSIDE: AUSTRALIA: During July Australia hosted thousands of US Marines from the 31stMEU, the US Navy's Bonhomme Richard Expeditionary Strike Group and the USS George Washington Carrier Strike Group, light infantry and paratroopers from the US Army 25th Division, a Battalion Group, NH-90helicopter flight and frigates and multi role vessels from the New Zealand Defence Force alongside the 2RAR Amphibious Ready Element and 7th Brigade for the biennial mega ex Exercise Talisman Sabre 2015.

AUSTRALIA: We profile the new EF-88 Enhanced Individual Weapon.

MEAO: HMAS Newcastle and HMNZS Te Kaha Counter Narcotics interdiction in the Gulf of Aden and East African shore.

IRAQ: The Australian and New Zealand Army Training Teams within Task Group Taji are training Iraqi light infantry brigades to conduct a counter attack against ISIS north of Baghdad.

AFGHANISTAN: The Australian Training Teams with the Directorate of Police Special Units at Deh Sabz and the ANA Officer Academy at Qargha and the 205th Corps Advisory Team in Kandahar Province.

NEWS: First EA-18G Growler Airborne Electronic Attack aircraft delivered in the USA.; First Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyer launched; Two additional KC-30A Multi Role Tanker Transports: First of two new C-17A Globemasters arrives at Amberley; ADF chooses Mk 47 Mod 1 40mm Auto Grenade Launcher: C-27J Spartans arrive at Richmond, RAAF F-35A Training commences in USA; Land 121 Trucks, PC-21 Pilatus, E-7A Wedgetail FOC; Kongsberg and Electro Optic Systems Remote Weapons Stations.

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