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Australian & NZ Defender No 92 December 2015

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Australian & NZ Defender No 92 December 2015

Price includes postage and handling in Australia

INSIDE: AUSTRALIA: The joint Amphibious Ready Element including the RAN's LHD HMAS Canberra, Army and RAN MRH-90 helicopters and the 2RAR Landing Element is being certified as the second LHD HMAS Adelaide is commissioned,

AFGHANISTAN: Australian operations in contract to Kabul and Qargha as Camp Baker at Kandahar Airport closes down after the 205 Corps Advisory Team completed its mission. Australians remain at the ANA Officer Academy at Qargha, the Directorate of Police Special Units at Deh Sabz and the Australian compound at the Resolute Support MIssion headquarters in Kabul. The ADF continues to withdraw as the US has ceased its drawdown as the Afghan security forces crumble against a widespread Taliban and Islamic State offensive.

MIDDLE EAST SEAS: HMAS Melbourne assumes narcotics interdiction operations with Combined Maritime Forces, taking over from sister FFG HMAS Newcastle who seized over $1 billion in heroin, methylamphetamine and hashish.

IRAQ: Task Force Taji continues the train, advise and assist mission at Taji near Baghdad, Special Operations Task Group mission extended; Air Task Group now interdicting ISIS in Iraq and Syria;

HIGH TECH: Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV) are now the primary focus of next generation air combat technological development and are set to replace piloted fast jets well before 2040.

NEWS: Australian Army will acquire 1100+ Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicle Light; NZDF orders the LMT CQB-16 assault rifle to replace F-88A1; RAAF P-8A Poseidon MPRA under assembly in USA; C-27J Spartan Battlefield Airlifter; SOCOMD Rough Terrain Vehicles; Land 400 Combat Reconnaissance Capability; Joint Strike Missile program; final CH-47F Chinook delivered; AGM-114N Thermobaric Hellfire II missile enters service, the RAN Future Frigate project.

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