A&NZD Digital Issue No.71
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Australian & NZ Defender No 71 September 2010

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Australian & NZ Defender No 71 September 2010

INSIDE - Afghanistan: Combined Team Uruzgan stands up as Dutch TFU withdraws.

6RAR Mentoring Task Force 1 MTF1 mentors all 4th Bde 205th Corps Kandaks, Mirabad, Deh Rawod, Chora and Tarin Kowt.

SASR and 2 Commando regt SOTG counter insurgency in Shah Wali Kot and Nesh in Kandahar Province, Kajaki District Helmand Province, Daykundi Province and Uruzgan.

US Army 1st Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regt, 101 CAB Task Force No Mercy.

Somali Basin: HMAS Parramatta Enhanced Boarding Party - Clearance Divers on counter piracy ops.

Timor: UNMIT International Stabilisation Force 8/9RAR TLTG1.

Solomon Islands: RAMSI Anode 22 support Participating Police Force.

USA: Ex RIMPAC 2010 Hawaii.

NEWS: First full squadron of F/A-18F Rhinos at Amberley, Spanish LHD at sea, German's halt ARH Tiger helicopter payments, KC-30A MRTT tanker, RQ-7B Shadown TUAV, MH-60R selected as Seahawk replacement, 7.62mm M110 Mark 11 Mod 0 and M-14EBR Enhanced Battle Rifles.

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