A&NZD Digital Issue No.50
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Australian & NZ Defender No 50 June 2005

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Australian & NZ Defender No 50 June 2005

INSIDE - Iraq: Task Force Eagle, the 2 Cavalry Regt led Al Muthanna Task Group 1, 5/7RAR mechanised infantry in southern Iraq city of As Samawah providing security for Japanese Iraq Reconstruction Support Force.

6RAR SECDET VI Baghdad and HMAS Darwin TF-158 Maritime Security Operations in the Khawr Abd Allah, Arafura Sea.

Timor Sea: Op Clearwater Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ enforcement against foreign fishing vessels.

Afghanistan: NZ Provincial Reconstruction Team Camp Kiwi Bamyan Province.

Rwanda: 2RAR Kibeho Massacre April 1995.

NEWS: Fatal Sea King crash at Nias, HMAS Canberra final voyage, ADF deploys to UNMIS in Sudan, Avalon Air Show, 3RAR Para Jamie Clark killed in Solomons, RAAF Wedgetail AEW&C in Australia, Next generation combat equipment, LCM 2000 AW delivered, ADF withdraws from Timor, New fleet underway oiler contract.

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